Welcome to my website! After being a passionate collector of Chinese antique porcelain for more than 10 years, I joined Catawiki as Asian Art expert in 2016. Dealing in Asian art especially Chinese art on daily basis has strengthened my knowledge, but it is a long journey. This is one of the reasons why I started to build this website. I hope to learn from other collector’s so that we can grow together in this Chinese art world. Please do feel free to contact me for any comments or anything you want to discuss, I would be happy to assist.

On this website, I will list mainly Chinese export porcelain and other Chinese work of art, such as scholar items, jade and high quality modern objects.

I speak Mandarin, English, German and Dutch,  would love to provide advisory service for experienced and new collectors in buying and selling, either at auction, directly from various dealers or private collector’s.

I want to give a big thanks to my husband, Dennis, for his support, guidance, knowledge, encouragement and contribution. Thanks to his experience and passion in European and Asian antique we started to collect Chinese porcelain. Without him, I would not stand here as today.

All our items are stated and described to best of our knowledge and experience. All purchases can be returned within 14 days in original condition after receiving date.

We believe that honesty, reliability, professional knowledge and passion can make the business successful!

Email: info@ye-hua-chinese-art.com

Phone: 0031(6)14785981

Wechat: yanhuaqi1979


~~~ 中文简介~~~





在此我要特别感谢我先生Dennis, 一位有超过25验的欧洲古董收藏家,正是他的启蒙和鼓励让我踏上中国艺术品收藏的奇妙之旅。


  • 古董中国陶瓷
  • 文房四宝类及其它中国艺术品
  • 现代陶瓷物件



邮箱地址: info@ye-hua-chinese-art.com

电话: 0031(0)614785981

Wechat: yanhuaqi1979